Enterprise Nevada Chamber of Commerce Being Formed in Enterprise Las Vegas

The Enterprise Information Technology Services department recently discussed the formation of a new Chamber of Commerce being started in Enterprise, Las Vegas. This chamber would have a similar purpose to other chambers around the world, but be aimed at companies involved with technology and communication.

A representative from Enterprise Information Technology Services stated “This seems like a great opportunity for our company to get known in the community, increase our visibility and establish long term business contacts.”

Currently Enterprise Nevada companies who may be interested in joining the Enterprise Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and meeting about once a month can contact Enterprise Chamber of Commerce at for more information.

The Enterprise Nevada Chamber of Commerce would become Enterprise’s first business-focused chamber – and be dedicated to helping build relationships, increase their businesses and forge mutually beneficial business relationships.

The formation of the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce is part of Enterprise’s commitment to improve economic development and promote business.

“We all want our businesses to grow and expand,” Enterprise Chamber Executive Director Joe Kennedy said. “And it makes sense that we’ll need an Enterprise Chamber of Commerce.”

Enterprise Las Vegas Nevada is now accepting applications from Enterprise Nevada companies for the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce.

We are also looking for someone local who would like the opportunity to create a logo and artwork for our website.

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